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What is a blook exactly? Well it’s a blog-book, or in other words a book that you read in blog form. What’s so cool about that? Well it takes us back to the days of books by installment. Many of Charles Dickens’ and Alexandre Dumas’ classics were published a chapter at a time in periodical publications. [They were also paid by the word, which is why you might find their styles a little bit verbose.] I’m not claiming to be akin to Dickens or Dumas, of course, nor am I paid by the word (or for that matter, at all yet), but with Lolen, you get the thrill of reading a new chapter every so often, and I get the thrill of releasing them to you a piece at a time!

It’s kind of like an ultra-modern yet old-fashioned tune-in to read the latest episode of a book on the world wide web sort of thing! Heck you could even print them off for that added feeling of reading a real book. 😉

Best of all, because it’s based on a blog, you can add your comments to each chapter and see what others are saying about it. Perhaps there’s some foreshadowing someone picked up on, or a debate as to who a mystery character will turn out to be. And even better still is the fact that I’m coming up with these as I go, so if you play your cards right you can even influence the development of the story by suggesting intriguing twists or plot developments!

I’m even hoping to eventually support wiki-based illustrations that readers can draw and submit and people can vote on their favorite illustrations for a particular scene in the book! In the meantime, feel free to submit illustrations for key scenes of your choosing and I will publish them (with credit) to the appropriate chapter.

But enough about the medium; let me introduce you to the initial storyline and the basis for the idea.

Lolen is set in a time long-past, just after the “dawn of time”, which marks the beginning of mankind’s ascension to sentience. Long before what we currently think of as the beginning of history, the planet was alive with sentient beings who possessed the ability to control the Earth and its energies in ways we have since forgotten. Theirs was a proto-science, an understanding of things that came not from external observation, but from a unique ability to intuitively understand the very nature of a thing, and thus control it in ways we cannot fathom. That ability was called magic.

The idea for Lolen has been brewing in my head for a little while now and originally started as a desire to write and publish a full-fledged novel (something I still want to do). In fact, I’m a computer programmer by trade, so I’m no stranger to the blog world, and it just struck me that I could marry these two paradigms—the ancient art of storytelling with the ultramodern social blogosphere.

What will the result be? Who knows!

What happens when we reach the end? Well, no promises, but perhaps there will be a real published copy made available that might even include the best user-submitted illustrations and comments from the blog. Maybe there will be contests and final copies to give away… it’s too early to say!

Alas, the story begins as we follow the unexpected arrival of a wizard-child, in a time long ago when wizards were forbidden from raising children of their own…

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